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Land Rover Experience Winching Course

As part of the AMRT training matrix, Team Members must become proficient in the use of all Team vehicles and the recovery equipment available, including the electronic winch. 

AMRT have 4 operational Land Rover 110 Country Station Wagon 4x4 vehicles which have certain modifications for use in a rescue scenario including roofracks to carry extra equipment, under body protection including steering and differential guards, extra external work lights, raised air intakes and a winch. Team Members are put through an on road and off road driving test as well as a trailer towing test if applicable. If a vehicle gets stuck or bogged down while driving off road then a self, or vehicle to vehicle recovery may be necessary, this is where a winch and the knowledge of how to use one safely comes into play.

On 08/06/2014, Chris Hind, Stuart Doig and Billy Lindsay attended a 1 day winching course run by Land Rover Experience in Dunkeld. This was a very enjoyable day where we all gained some very useful knowledge and picked up some methods of best practice when winching. We began with a brief overview of the theory behind the proper use of a winch and a detailed inspection of the equipment needed when winching including all shackles, strops, winch rope and pulley blocks with a note of their recommended safe working load ratings and load limits. A few different scenarios were acted out during the day in order to familiarise ourselves with the equipment and correct systems of work and delegation with a dedicated Winch Team Leader and Winch Operator roles. A straight line pull, double line pull and an angled pull were all covered in both self-recovery and vehicle to vehicle recovery.

The instruction and training received at Land Rover Experience, Dunkeld was detailed, in-depth and tailored to AMRT specific requirements. AMRT would like to thank all at Land Rover Experience for their service.

Words and photo: Billy Lindsay