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November 2019


AMRT training weekend 9-10th November 2019 based at the Derry bothy was attended by 11 members of the team and 3 probationers.

On Saturday morning we carried out two short navigation exercises, calibrating and practising pacing over different terrain and around a short orienteering course. Unfortunately, the planned afternoon helicopter training exercise had to be cancelled as the machine became unavailable due to technical problems.

At dusk the Team was split into three groups and deployed to different locations around the Sgor Mor - Sgor Dubh hills to the SW of Derry lodge. Weather conditions were cold with intermittent showers, a Northerly breeze, with the snow line at 600m.

Each team were given a set of grid references which they followed with map, compass and altimeter, only using GPS to confirm accurate arrivals at the check points. Around 2300 hrs we all converged on the summit of Sgor Dubh.

After a break we carried out a line search for a pre-placed ‘casualty’ (dummy) which was successfully located around 2400 hrs. A prepositioned stretcher was then used to carry the casualty back to the Derry. Day/night and parachute flares were set off during the search.

The Team left the Derry bothy 0900 hrs on Sunday morning to return to base.

On the 23rd November the team were put at stand by, ready to deploy to assist Braemar MRT in the search for missing walkers in the area of Derry lodge. Thankfully the walkers were located in the area before any AMRT input was required. 

The final tasking for the team in November was on the 29th. At the request of Police Scotland a small group of members were asked to assist them with a stretcher carry in the area of Scolty Hill.