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Nick Jack Spirit Award 2014

This year’s recipient is Chris Hind who is  one of the Teams Vehicle Officers.

Some may say that Chris’s obsession with Landrovers verges on the “unhealthy” and we all now know more about Landrovers than we ever would have cared to admit, but it does mean that the Team has a willing and able vehicle officer.

Chris really is tireless in his contribution and gives up much of his free time in addition to the usual Team commitments, to ensure that the Landrovers are working.

When a (non-Aberdeen) vehicle got stuck last winter, only down to Chris’s expertise did it get unstuck, Chris then organised a small group to attend the latest Landrover approved winch course and the knowledge gained can then be shared among the team.

In addition when he is not attending Landrover events around the UK he can be found organising our garage, painting the garage floor, painting bits of Landrovers, welding something Landrover related (or not) fixing sallopettes, charging batteries (sore point), removing wheels, replacing wheels, wiring up lights, fixing stickers, generally tinkering and getting stuck in at Team training and callouts.

Chris, Many thanks. You are a very worthy winner of the 2014 Nick Jack Spirit Award. (just keep away from the chocolate)!

The award was presented to Chris by Dawn MacKinnon, Chair of our Association on behalf of Nick's widow, Helen.

Words: Scott Stevens