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Nick Jack Spirit Award 2016

Stuart almost won last year with only a single vote of separation. So it is fitting he should receive the award this year.

Stuart is a very active team member who has a high attendance level at training and callouts. On top of this Stuart attends a high number  of the public events and talks that the team provides.

Stuart is also our equipment officer, a role in which he has exceled at (as long as you don’t include tidiness).  He has a strong passion and enthusiasm for this role and is forever endeavouring to find the kit that works best for us. He can be regularly found in the store during lunch breaks and in his own time tinkering, sorting , organising, fixing , checking Team kit. We have even got his filing system (sort of) working.

Stuart's efforts epitomise the reason for the Nick Jack Award, he has very much earned the award and truly deserves it.

We won’t mention his attempts at bog-scuba or his most recent trip to the Dolomites..

Scott Stevens