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August and September 2019

After a 6 week Summer break the team returned to formal training on the last weekend of August. Setting off from the Spittal of Glenmuick MR post, the team headed out towards Broad Cairn. The day was spent focusing on good line searching technique, casualty care and moving casualties over the challenging terrain of the Cairngorms.

The first search was carried out on the ground between Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannoch. The 'casualty' was located successfully through a structured line search, assessed for injury and then packaged onto the stretcher. The team then took on a challenging stretcher carry over rugged terrain guided by our two newest recruits who were working together to navigate the team through the mixed terrain to an evacuation point near Dubh Loch. The second search was aimed at testing the team’s ability to assess and package a casualty in a realistic but awkward environment. Another valuable training day drilling the core skills required in mountain rescue.

The 14th of September saw the team heading to the pass of Ballater to practise key rigging skills used in the rescue of injured or crag fast climbers and walkers on steep ground. The wet and windy conditions added to the realism of the scenarios with team members running through techniques both using the stretcher and without. The technique without a stretcher is known as a ‘snatch’ where a single rescuer is lowered down to a casualty and attaches himself to them, so they can be hauled up or lowered down together. With the stretcher, a team member known as ‘the jockey’ is lowered with the stretcher to help guide its safe passage from a crag and to monitor the casualty’s condition on the way down, providing reassurance.

Whilst at the crag, a callout came through. Two walkers were reported missing in the Toulmont area and the team rapidly packed up and headed to respond. The walkers were located safe and well whilst the team were searching their designated area. A good end to a productive training day.