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There are reports from the weekend of increased activity in various rural locations. Please continue to adhere to Scottish Government, Scottish Mountain Rescue and Mountaineering Scotland guidelines and refrain from going to the hills or participating in activities with higher risks of injury.
Causing a mountain rescue callout as a result of recreational activities:
- puts team members at risk of contracting Covid-19 from each other and from you;
- increases your risk of contracting Covid-19 from asymptomatic team members and/or from the ambulance and hospital medical staff that will treat you;
- may force team members to self-quarantine if there is a subsequent confirmation of Covid-19 in the group;
- puts our response vehicle(s) and equipment offline for other emergencies until they can be decontaminated;
- places a burden on the NHS that may have been avoided.
We appreciate that with good weather and longer daylight hours people want to be out and about despite the extended restrictions. We feel it too, but please stay local and stay safe - the mountains will wait for us.