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December training weekend 2018

On the 8th December 2018 AMRT met at Glenshee for our last training exercise of 2018. The goal of the weekend was to practise winter belays and transceiver searches on the snow patches near Glas Maol, whilst also getting back into our team winter protocols and to have a bit of an extended journey carrying our extra winter kit.

The team started with a group transceiver check, followed by a swift departure with some fast height gain up to Creag Leatach. From here we followed the ridge line and formed a line search to find the stone shelter at the end of the ridge line. Line searching is an often practised technique used by the team to enable us search as much ground as we can with the people we have, as efficiently as possible in all weather conditions. Something that is critical in locating missing individuals. Following the line search we found the best snow patches possible in the depleting conditions and split into two groups. One group practised winter belays whilst the other practised transceiver searching before swapping over. Happy that we were back up to speed with these skills we continued along the ridge towards Glas Maol. Whilst traversing the W facing slope we came across an extremely large avalanche tip that had appeared to have been naturally triggered within the previous 48 hours. This ended up being the perfect opportunity to carry out an avalanche scenario as a team incorporating a transceiver search, probe search and a dig out, in conditions that were about as realistic as could ever be achieved from an avalanche debris field.

The team finished the scenario, regrouped and followed the ridge around to the Leacann Dubh where we descended back to the vehicles and ended the exercise.