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February 2020

February saw the team have two training weekends, making the most of the winter conditions, plus a callout thrown in for good measure.

On the 2nd of February the team ran a scenario in the Glas Maol area simulating a lone walker missing in deteriorating winter conditions. The team were split into different groups and headed to search the gullies, tops and the plateau for any signs of the missing individual. The missing person was located and the situation changed to cold weather casualty care. Ensuring the casualty was safe enough to move, the team extracted off the hill.

On the 8th of February the team were tasked to assist in the recovery of an injured walker on Ben Rinnes in the middle of Storm Ciara alongside Braemar MRT. Thankfully Coastguard Helicopter 151 found a window in the weather and managed to extract the casualty before a long carry off in awful weather was required.

The 22nd February saw the team back out in the Cairngorms to practise avalanche response. The morning started with practising of core avalanche rescue skills before the afternoon scenario saw the team carry out a full avalanche scenario in extremely sporting weather that helped add to the realism. The scenario included the use of Jib, a SARDA search dog, who showed just how critical and useful dogs are in the fast and efficient location of a buried casualty.