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February update

Here's a roundup of what the team have been up to over the busy winter months following our last update on January's training weekend.

Following a testing callout on Lochnagar in January, in some of the worst weather conditions winter had to offer, the team moved into February ready to continue keeping our winter rescue skills current.

Some members of the team took part in an avalanche response training exercise run by Braemar MRT. Those members brought this knowledge with them to February's team training weekend to help share new skills and information with the rest of AMRT, so that should a joint avalanche response be required with Braemar MRT, we'll all be on the same page. The skills worked on consisted of various search techniques including transceiver searches and line probing, along with a workshop run by the Scottish Mountain Rescue Medical Officer on the injuries and medical scenarios likely to be encountered during recovery of an avalanched casualty. Following practising these skills, the team were thrown straight into a full scale avalanche response scenario. This started with a team arrival on scene and working through a pre-prepared avalanche debris field to locate and recover a casualty, assess and manage their condition, then extract them safely and efficiently from the hill.

The team were also called out in the early hours of a February morning to respond to reports of missing ski tourers on the Cairngorm plateau. After beginning the tasking of searching the glens from the Derry rescue post, the team were stood down after both ski tourers were found safe and well by Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 951.