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July 2019 - Clachnaben and a dash to Bennachie

Our July Training day, the last before our summer break from organised training was on Clachnaben. The team took this opportunity for a bit of area familiarisation and to check up on the accessibility of the area for the Land Rovers and equipment trailers. With the team loaded into the vehicles we headed up onto the hill. The main aim of the day was to hone skills and set up time on a high line stretcher lower. 

The first lower we set up over a steep boulder field. Giving the team a chance to see what terrain this can be used on. The team then headed up to the summit in the vehicles. We set up another couple of high line lowers on the crags, working on what could be a very feasible rescue for this type of terrain. During this exercise, the team was requested to an incident on Bennachie. One group headed to the call out whilst the rest "de-rigged" the exercise. 

On Bennachie a walker had sustained a lower limb injury two thirds of the way to the summit of Mither Tap. The individual was asssited by paramedics and our team doctor who stabilised their injury ready for evacuation from the hill. When the rest of the team arrived, the casualty was assisted onto a stretcher and carried from the hill to the waiting ambulance.

Productive training leading into a shout with a positive outcome, in two different parts of Aberdeenshire. All in one day!