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July 2020

The team returned to formal training after a longer than normal break due to both the school holidays and Covid 19 restrictions. Following government guidlines and the advice laid out by Scottish Mountain Rescue, the team split into small socially distanced groups to refresh hill skills such as nav and to ensure their hill fitness was still up to scratch after the period away from the hills during lockdown.

With the current risks posed by the virus, the team has a protocol in place to mitigate as much as possible the risk posed by the virus to team members and casualties. This involves the use of protective equipment so it was essential the team members got out in the real environment to practise safely donning and doffing masks and the required gear safely, incase it is required for real. 

The teams headed off to various areas of our 'patch' and all covered a variety of ground including Angels Peak, Beinn a'Bhuird, Carn an T'sagairt Mor, with all groups clocking up some good mileage and ascent.

Also this month, alog with new decals, the team Landrovers finished their modifications having roll bars and improved roof racks fitted to ensure occupant safety in the event of a rollover and for better storage of our roof mounted equipment. Thanks to Gibsons Auto Services and ScottPrint for their services.