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MIC weekend

Over the first weekend in February, a number of team members took part in a package of training organised by MIC instructors to help fine tune their winter skills in a different area of the Scottish Mountains. The team arrived at the Raeburn Hut in the western Cairngorms on the Friday evening to meet instructors Di and Matt, ready to put together a plan for the weekend. With a challenging forecast for Saturday, the team split into 3 different groups so they could focus on improving specific areas of their mountaineering skills, fine tuning them in conditions that would be a realistic representation of a poor weather winter callout.

Sunday saw a drastic improvement in weather further to the west, so today's venue ended up being the Ben Nevis area. Here the team practised moving together on exposed ridgelines and carried out multiple belays. Another focus of the day was route selection and planning. This is critical as it helps identify hazards and also allows for escape plans should a quick get away from an area be required.

Keith, one of the team's probationary members attended the weekend. " The MIC weekend was highly beneficial and incredibly enjoyable. I feel everyone from the team gained a wide range of skills over the course of the weekend; skills which we will have the opportunity to hone across the coming months and years through both training and call-outs.