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Banchory Show 2015

On the 25th July I attended the Banchory Show on behalf of AMRT, to help out and give some team representation at the St John tent.  With the weather changing between downpours and blazing sunshine all day the crowds were up and down.  However, it was still a very successful day!  We turned up early, hours before the crowds to get set up.  The tent had some advertising boards for typical AMRT activities, leaflets explaining St John and AMRT activities, umbrellas for sale and more importantly......lots of booze to be won.  We had two games available for small donations.  The first was a card game with the prizes being magnums and normal bottles of Champagne and mini bottles of Prosecco and the second game was trying to find a key in a bucket of keys that unlocked a bottle of whisky.  Unfortunately no one won the whisky (the key really was there!), but we were able to give away a few of the other bottles of fizz.

Many thanks to St John for their continued fundraising and support.


Words and photo by Kerr Nelson