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June 2016 - Training Weekend

Over the 24-26 June weekend, the Team headed out to Derry for another training weekend. Saturday was a long hill day, with a route taking the Team to Derry Cairngorm, Ben Macdui, and up Cairngorm mountain. A tea break was taken at the Ptarmigan, before returning up Cairngorm, and back to Glen Derry via Loch Ann and Loch Etchachan. The weather was mostly good, except for the poor visibility near the tops of the hills.


Sunday had been pencilled to be a helicopter winch training day – but this was called off due the SAR helicopter’s involvement in an overnight coastal search. So instead the Team went up Carn Crom and practiced hand line skills, first aid senarios and rigging / abseiling. 


Overall a very successful weekend in the Cairngorms – thanks to all the other members of the team that willingly shared their wealth of experience and skills. 


Words and picture by Mathieu Kervyn