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Skimo Race at Glenshee

The team left Aberdeen on Friday night with the intention of staying at the Derry Lodge bothy. However, due to drifting snow on the track this was not to be so the team ended up staying in Braemar Rescue Centre. Early the following morning the team travelled to Glenshee where they were to help with marshalling and route preparation for the Skimo race. Several team members took advantage of the free morning to practice ski touring whilst the others practiced building snow anchors and using snow shoes. Some shovelling was required high on Carn Aosda in preparation for the Skimo race. Then the team attended several locations in the afternoon throughout the race route to help guide the competitors and be on hand if any assistance was required. It also allowed team members to watch some awesomely fast uphill and downhill skiing!

That night the traditional AMRT Burns supper was enjoyed with piping from Stuart Doig and a very energetic address to the Haggis by Kenny Webster! A 15 man crew of team members all helped to prepare the haggis neeps and tatties which was washed down with AMRT 50th Anniversary Single Malt Whisky (Available for a suggested donation of £40 from AMRT).

The early morning start on Sunday had a feeling of urgency about it as reports had come in that Glenshee had buried Annie the previous night with a piste basher and had probably ran her over! Luckily Annie was a lifesized dummy made of latex so she could handle it. As part of an avalanche exercise the team set off from the Glenshee car park to go and find Annie in the simulated avalanche. Annie was buried near the Pink Hut in a mess of churned up snow thanks to the piste basher known as a 'tip'. The team used techniques learned from several avalanche courses attended by the team this year and equipment such as probes, beacons and shovels to locate and recover Annie. The team also gave Annie first aid including CPR and defibrillation on site before transporting her back to the car park.

Words by Stuart Gillan

Photo by Callum More