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Team Training Weekend

AMRT training weekends are normally split between a core skills day and a full team training day where essential skills are practiced to a high level. This weekend was slightly different as on Saturday, maintenance at the Derry bothy took place. Team members painted the walls and roof and carried out odd jobs in order to keep the bothy in good condition in preparation for winter.

Sunday's training was a search and recovery exercise in the area on and around Beinn Bhreac. After a benign start, the weather forecast proved to be correct with strong gusts and rain. The worst of the weather decided to meet us at the summit of Beinn Bhreac just in time for lunch! After a cold break in group shelters we moved on towards the West summit. Shortly after finishing our lunch, we found our 'casualty' and packaged him into a stretcher for the carry off the hill. It was a fairly straightforward descent towards Glen Derry and the ground allowed us to pull the stretcher for most of the way instead of having to carry it. Thankfully, we are very fortunate to have access to the bothy and it wasn't too long before we were drying out with the fire on.

Words and photo: Iain Powell