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Team Training Weekend


Myself and several former and retired team members went on a leisurely stroll up Derry Cairngorm via Carn Crom before retrieving a 100m rope from the MR box on Ben Macdui for inspection. We then summited Ben Macdui before returning to the Derry Bothy via Sron Riach and Gleann Laoigh Bheag. The retired members were rewarded with fantastic views due to good weather and even though retired, they could still keep up with the current team members.

Other current and former team members spent the day in a similar area walking, rock climbing.

Team training on Sunday involved the team taking our new 400m rope for a walk up to Coire na Saobhaidh via Carn Crom for a stretcher exercise. The rope has to be split between four team members each with 100m each at a weight of almost 8kg per member. The rest of the team weren't let off lightly with a further 200m, 100m and a 50m rope as well as rigging and a stretcher being taken up the hill for the exercise. Team fitness had definitely not been dampened over the summer and excellent time was made to the top of Coire na Saobhaidh. The team then quickly divided up into two work parties, one party descended to the bottom of the Coire to work on some first aid scenarios, whilst the other party set up belays at the top and at 100m intervals down the slope to take over lowering as the stretcher moved down the slope. The 400m rope was packaged as a casualty for the exercise. The whole exercise went smoothly due to the high level of experience in the team. The exercise was soon finished so there were several more hours of first aid scenarios acted out by team members for training. The team then put all the kit on the stretcher to simulate a casualty and carried it to the East side of Glen Derry where the path is where the exercise and a fantastic weekend ended.

Words and photo: Stuart Gillan