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The Team Have Been Busy

It has been a busy couple of weeks for AMRT. On Tuesday the 4th of November we were called out to Fraserburgh to help the police search for a missing man. Over the following 5 days AMRT gave over 200 hundred man hours to the search, most of that time spent in very wet and windy weather. More information can be found HERE on the Police Scotland website.

Just as our Thursday evening training started on the 13th of November, team management informed us that a full team was required to help locate a missing person in Glen Tanner. Just as team members dispersed in their cars to gather their kit we were stood down as thankfully the missing person had shown up. Training resumed as normal but shortly after 9pm as everyone was on their way home, another full team call out was required.

This call out saw us searching through the night, over difficult ground, in appalling weather and low visibility between the areas of Loch Muick and Glen Clova. The majority of the team did not arrive back to the base in Westhill until around 4pm on the Friday afternoon once the search had been concluded. Police Scotland Report.

The weekend of the 15th/16th of November was a training weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon chopping logs for the Spittal of Glen Muick bothy and practising tying various knots as well as firing off various styles of flares. Sunday saw us training in the hills South West of the bothy and we used the poor visibility to brush up on our navigation. On the descent back into the glen we line searched to familiarise the new team members with this core skill before doing a bit of steep ground rope work.   


Well done to the 3 team members who sat and passed their Casualty Care assessment on Saturday the 14th. The assessment was held at the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue team base near Aviemore and means we now go into winter with a very high level of first aid skills. 


Words: Iain Powell

Photo: Rob Reglinski