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Training - Scolty Hill


Thursday’s training saw the team at Scolty Hill near Banchory along with a journalist and photographer from the Aberdeen Evening Express. The paper will be doing an article on the team that will be published over the next few days.

For the scenario, the journalist had an ‘unfortunate accident’ near the tower on top of Scolty Hill. The team dealt with the exercise as if it were a real call out. A hasty party of 3 went up first to locate the ‘casualty’ and provided first aid whilst the rest of the team followed behind carrying the stretcher. The ‘casualty’ was stabilised and packaged into the stretcher before being carried off the hill.

Thankfully, after a very rainy day in Aberdeen, the evening was dry and clear and we were treated with great view of the setting sun. AMRT would like to thank The Evening Express for their support.

Words and Photo: Iain Powell