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October Training Weekend - First Aid Refresher

Every member of Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team is trained in advanced first aid.  This takes place every 3 years and in a slightly different format was run in house by the two team doctors, Naomi Dodds who brings a wealth of experience running casualty care courses from England and Wales, and Alastair Glennie, the current Scottish Mountain Rescue medical officer.  They were assisted by a team of instructors some of whom are ex Aberdeen team members to provide top level teaching from professionals.

The location was also moved from the classroom to our forward base at Spittal of Glenmuick in the shadow of Lochnagar to provide an element of realism to the training scenarios.  Evening training in the weeks before the weekend at the base in Westhill provided the theory allowing maximum practical skills to be honed at the weekend.  The team also benefited from volunteer mock casualties, some of whom could be professional actors they were so convincing.

The skills learned on the weekend course will be practiced regularly during the winter training to maintain competencies and confidence in helping lost, cold or injured casualties whenever or wherever the need arises.

To top off the weekend, it finished with a request for assistance for a medically unwell hill walker in the Cairngorms.  He was located and assisted to a Coastguard helicopter by our colleagues in a hasty party from Braemar MRT, and brought back to Braemar for assessment by the Aberdeen team doctors before being discharged at scene.

A huge thank you goes to the instructors and volunteer casualties who made the course possible and helped maintain the high level of casualty care the team can provide.


Words by Dr Glennie