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University of Aberdeen Study

AMRT has been contacted by the University of Aberdeen and asked if any of the team, or anyone who follows the team's activities might be interested in taking part in a study.  The details are below:

Healthy, athletic men and men with type 2 diabetes are being sought by researchers trying to better understand the link between fat and blood sugar.

The study by the University of Aberdeen and funded by the British Heart Foundation and NHS Grampian, is looking to recruit 25 athletes and 25 men with type 2 diabetes controlled by diet or Metformin.

The recruits will be asked to undergo a number of blood tests and will also have a fitness test before and after an exercise intervention program to try and find out how this intervention affects their fitness and their ability to process fats.

Dr Dana Dawson who is leading the study, said: "Early research found that high levels of fat within muscle meant poorer control of blood sugar. However, more recent research has shown that athletes have similar levels of fat within muscle, but in contrast, they have very good control of blood sugar."

"We are not sure why this is and want to find out if the fat within muscle can be changed to improve blood sugar control, as good blood sugar control reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke."

Anyone interested in helping with the study should contact Dr Alice Mezincescu at the Cardiovascular Research Unit on 01224 559573 or email alice.mezincescu@abdn.ac.uk.