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April Training Weekend - Lochnagar

The team training day began early on Saturday morning with three groups leaving the Spittal and heading up to the snowline. Here the groups practiced transceiver searches using the latest avalanche transceivers from various manufacturers. Groups then went into ‘workshops’ ran by members who recently attended the AAA (American avalanche association) advanced avalanche awareness course, run by Scottish Mountain Rescue.

There was even an opportunity for Flynn – one of the team Search and Rescue Dogs – to rescue a buried (on purpose) team member! Groups then converged at the edge of Lochnagar to discuss local refuges and the climbing routes in the Coire. We then moved together to Coire na Saobhaidhe via the West Ridge for winter belay practice. After these workshops we continued up to the summit of Lochnagar in time to enjoy a late lunch in a spring blizzard! Before heading off the hill we had some practice building spider belays and lowered various team members down a steep snow slope.


Sunday’s training involved experienced members of the team training members on new rope techniques for dealing with stuck climbers on belay at the Pass of Ballater. Other team members climbed Lochnagar…. again.