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The Nick Jack Sprint Award

This year's Nick Jack Spirit Award went to Dave Lawrence. Dawn MacKinnon presented the award to Dave on behalf of Helen Jack, Nick’s widow.

Dave is our long standing Equipment Officer and puts in a massive amount of hours in the background to ensure our equipment is in good order and serviceable. He also spends much of his free time researching and looking for ways to improve what we actually carry and use on the hill, all this on top of the normal Team commitments.

However the main reason for Dave that Dave received the award this year was his amazing recovery to fitness. In 2011 Dave became seriously unwell. So unwell, that he required two life saving operations. It was an extremely tough and worrying time for his wife, two boys, family and friends. Thankfully Dave is somewhat of a fighter and responded well to his hospital treatment. Dave was discharged from hospital and started the journey of physical rehabilitation. As a team we were keen to see Dave recover; whether he would return to us as a fully operational team member, only time would tell. We were very conscious that he and his family had been through an extremely tough time and we would support him however we could. Dave himself knew that although he wanted to get back to fitness as quickly as possible, he had to "ca canny" and not overdo things which I'm sure caused him no end of frustration. As a testament to Dave's character he went about his recovery quietly and resolutely, never complaining or moaning about his lot. Even during this period he was able to act as radio relay on Carn a Mhaim during a full-on winter call out for a missing person. A difficult enough task at full fitness let alone when you are recovering from serious illness (although no excuse for poor radio discipline...)

We are delighted to see Dave back at full strength with the Team , he is truly a worthy winner of the Nick Jack award in 2013.